Ground Control to Major Tom

I have decided to get back to my blog and with the New Year it’s time for a new look. Ever since I had the urge to start writing a blog I have wanted to use the domain name It was perfect for me. I felt it combined my love of travel (on planet earth), with some insight of the struggles facing this world (is blue), and with all of that giving a nod to one of the great loves of my life, David Bowie. Unfortunately, ‘’ has been taken by someone that is not even using it (they probably have never even seen Labyrinth). I even contacted them to see if they would sell me the domain name but got no response. That is when journeysandjottings started, wanting to move forward with my writing no matter how frustrated I was not getting my ideal blog name. Many months later I have gone through some life changes and realized keeping a blog up about traveling is not really realistic. In the glorious United States of America, where we get two weeks off a year, the amount of traveling I have coming up is minimal. But I was enjoying the blog so with the New Year I have decided to revamp it. I will move forward with writings focusing on my recent move from Brooklyn to the country, still my love of travel and my continued relationship with Khenpo Dhondup, my dear friend, the Buddhist monk. Our weekly skype sessions help him with his English and he keeps me grounded in this crazy time. In this world we all need some Buddhist insight because Planet Earth in fact is blue.

Because the domain planetearthisblue is STILL being hoarded by the random science organization, waiting for an offer much better than mine apparently, I have just changed “blue” to “bleu” just so I can have a version of the domain name I wanted. I do love French, so saying bleu, while it sounds pretentious, is something I was okay with adopting. My husband said, “why not the earth is blue, or planet earth is green”? Obviously he doesn’t get it. In my mind I am screaming “DAVID BOWIE!!!” duh. And planet earth is green? What is green about our planet? Oh basically every other nation in the world besides the U. S. He means well but come on.

So here we go 2018. I hope you enjoy.

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